About DUPI Property Insurance

How DUPI manages your risk

DUPI Property Insurance – a trademark of DUPI Underwriting Agencies B.V. – is a specialized underwriting agency focusing on commercial property, mainly for the SME market.

Depending on the nature of the risk, DUPI Property Insurance offers tailor-made solutions for each individual client. We don’t use algorithms.

In addition, DUPI is interested in a wide spread of risks, ranging from the smaller offices to the larger industrial risks.

DUPI’s strategy is to advise clients in the field of prevention and risk management and transform this into adequate terms and conditions, summarized in a policy that matches the real needs and wishes of our client. We call that ‘tailor-made’ solutions.

DUPI’s dedicated Risk Engineer visits our clients across the country, advising on risk management- and prevention issues. And we don’t charge our clients for this service.
DUPI makes use of the software program ‘Cyclo Media’ which assists our underwriting crew in the initial stage of underwriting to get a clear – overall –  view on each and every single risk as well as its surroundings.

We offer suitable solutions based on the optimal combination of pricing, conditions and risk management.

The experts of DUPI Property Insurance are located at our offices in Rotterdam and Amsterdam and they work closely with underwriters of our other business lines. If required, we can combine our property insurances with additional liability insurances. Read more about the DUPI Underwriting Solutions.



Backed by the security of Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A. and Accredited Insurance (Europe) Limited and with capacity coming from Swiss, Belgium and Germany, DUPI Property Insurance provides first class security.